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For correcting a number of dental problems your cosmetic dentist may choose to use invisalign. To produce a proper bite, invisalign can adjust the space, correct alignment and reduce overcrowding. Invisalign uses a clear brace to make dental adjustments over time. Invisalign is a very simple and easy way for anyone to correct these problems. To begin an invisalign treatment photos, impressions and x-rays are taken. These give the proper information needed to produce the invisalign. Because invisalgn uses trays and it takes time to correct problems, they must be made in a "next step" process which will improve alignment slightly with each new tray used. An invisalign procedure may take from 6 months to a year depending on the extent of the dental issues. Invisalign uses multiple trays, which are changed every two weeks. Invisalign can be removed so proper flossing and brushing can be done daily. Invisalign is so versatile it can also be used by people with periodontal disease. Crowding teeth may lead to TMJ, which is excess wear on the joint located near ears. With invisalign, the pocket usually found with crowding teeth can be reduced over time. Invisalign can correct this issue by realigning the bite.Teeth grinding or wearing a guard while you sleep, which is primarily caused by an uneven bite, can be eliminated with invisalign. Another advantage of invisalign is that the trays may also be used in a teeth whitening process. Since the invisalign trays are a perfect fit, they are great for holding a whitening gel. Invisalign has become the standard for most, but not all dental alignment issues. Extreme dental issues may still require standard braces to produce proper alignment. If you need your teeth straightened give us a call now!
Zoom Whitening
If you're thinking about brightening up your smile, you need to check out zoom whitening. Over time your teeth may become discolored or yellow and zoom whitening can solve these problems. Medication, coffee and just getting older cause discoloration of the enamel and zoom whitening is a simple procedure used to correct this. There are basically two ways to whiten your teeth. The first uses whitening trays, which are made from an imprint of your teeth. Gel is added and it takes up to 2 weeks worth of treatment to obtain the required results. Then there's zoom whitening. Zoom whitening is an in-office treatment which may only take 1 hour. Zoom whitening uses a light activated gel. Then zoom whitening light is used to activate the gel so it can gently penetrate the teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration. Zoom whitening can be very effective and last for years if maintained properly. Between the two whitening processes, zoom whitening is quicker and can produce better results. Occasionally, a patient may get what's called a 'zinger" form the zoom whitening procedure. A zinger is a strong but brief feeling of pain in the teeth. Zoom whitening is a great solution for anyone looking for immediate results. Because it may only take an hour for a zoom whitening treatment, it is perfect for people with a busy schedule. Whichever teeth whitening treatment suits you, it can give you that glimmering white smile you're looking for. We recommend to start with the zoom whitening and use trays for any additional whitening or for touch ups later. If you want your teeth whitened give us a call now!
Family Dentist
A family dentist is just what it says, a dentist who treats and takes care of every family member. A family dentist will know you complete family dental history. This allows your family dentist to recommend the proper treatments and stay ahead of possible dental problems that may arise. Getting a family dentist when your children are very young is the best way to keep control of their dental future. A big problem with dentistry in general is the fear and anxiety people get when you even say the word "dentist". Using the same family dentist for your whole family can help alleviate some of this pressure because you already have experienced treatments with that dentist. Many family dentists also offer sedation dentistry, which can help people who have fear of dental procedures. Many people don't have a family dentist and just wait until there's a problem to select a dentist. The problem with this is that they don't know your dental history and you won't know if you are comfortable with their service. Because most people have an inert fear of dentists, having previously been treated by your family dentist can relieve some of the anxiety related to going to the dentist. A family dentist is really a specialized area of dentistry. A family dentist is experienced in treating both small children, adults and the elderly. Each category of dentistry offer different problems and possible solutions. Taking your child to a general dentist and not a family dentist is like taking your motorcycle to a general auto repair shop and not the motorcycle dealer. Yes, they may get the job done but they usually aren't experienced in those types of repairs. And when it comes to family dentists, the more experience they have treating every age group, the more comfortable the overall experience will be. If you have children, it is recommended that you find a family dentist you and your children are comfortable with. This can make the dental experiences in the future less stressful for everyone involved. If you're looking for a family dentist in give us a call now!

Cosmetic Dentist
You along with your cosmetic dentist will need to create a plan of action which can address all your dental concerns. Your cosmetic dentist may possibly strongly recommend a variety of cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, teeth colored fillings or dental implants as a solution to your problem. Your cosmetic dentist could possibly offer you a custom simulated picture of the results you may have from the cosmetic procedures. This permits you together with your cosmetic dentist to design the final results of your brand new smile. Cosmetic dentistry performs general dentistry and procedures like veneers, caps and implants. A cosmetic dentist might use veneers to brighten up your smile, which is a thin layer of composite or dental porcelain material. A cosmetic dentist may possibly perform dental bonding, in which a tooth-colored resin material is bonded to the tooth for cosmetic appeal. A cosmetic dentist may also use Cosmetic Contouring to even out the height of your teeth for a nicer smile. A cosmetic dentist could possibly use cosmetic fillings that closely match the shade of your teeth and make the filing much less visible. A cosmetic dentist may additionally use implants to replace missing or damaged teeth which might be very difficult to repair. Finally, a cosmetic dentist may possibly perform teeth whitening and add a sealant as a final touch to brighten that smile and make sure that it stays looking good for quite a while.Various procedures like teeth whitening may be carried out by a general dentist but for detailed cosmetic looks, a cosmetic dentist is the only way to go. With regards to your smile looking its best, a cosmetic dentist is your best solution. A cosmetic dentist can also be known as a "tooth artist" given that they specialize in the final look of your smile. You wouldn't want an inexperienced or untrained artist to paint your portrait would you? That's the reasons you have to have a cosmetic dentist when it relates to turning your smile into a thing of beauty! If you're looking for a cosmetic dentist in give us a call now!
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